The publishing industry has evolved dramatically in the last decade. While writing is a solitary endeavor, publishing isn’t. It takes the support of many talented people to make a book successful. The task is definitely daunting but the good news is, you do not have to do it alone. Traditional publishers are inaccessible and self publishing expects you to pour all your energy effort and money into doing it yourself. Outliers Publishing understands that while self-publishing looks like a cost-efficient and easy solution, it is far from that in reality.

Outliers Publishing will do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can do what you are best at!

These are some of the facts and numbers that will get you thinking. 47% of all the books published are published through boutique specialized publishing houses like Outliers.


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Reports from Bowkers*

  • ProQuest affiliate Bowker reveals in its latest industry report that the number of authors who are opting to self-publish continues to rise, with a growth rate of 21% between 2014 and 2015 for print and Ebooks combined. ISBN registrations for self-published titles have grown more than 375% since 2010, climbing from 152,978 ISBNs to 727,125 ISBNs.”ISBN registrations capture a significant portion of the self-publishing market,” said Beat Barblan, Director of Identifier Services at Bowker. “By comparing the number of registrations year over year, we gain valuable insight into a flourishing industry.”The report reveals other emerging trends in self-publishing:

  • More authors are opting for a hybrid approach to book publishing. Rather than committing exclusively to self-publication or going through a traditional publishing house, authors choose the best method for their work, depending on the type of book, sales market, or target audience.

  • Booksellers and libraries are seeking opportunities to incorporate this thriving source of content into their offerings.

“As the field of self-publishing matures, the quality of both content and format for many of these titles is becoming indistinguishable from those published by traditional houses,” said Mr. Barblan. “In recent years, the number of independent authors topping prominent bestseller lists is a clear indication that readers are embracing author-published titles.”

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