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King's Gambit

When Tursunov’s friend Jack’s father dies in a locked room, Shivilier Darrow is intrigued as he delves into the puzzle like murder he is surprised by how many twists and turns it gives him. There is a higher layer of mystery to it. Shivilier discovers it too late what with him having his hands full with lying suspects and a runaway ghost. Shivilier and his associates will be stretched to the limit while solving this murder and they just hope they don’t have more murders to solve as they run against time trying to complete this case.

Swirl Of Wisdom

In the second installment of the series, Shobha Rao is back once again to win the heart of her young readers with her captivating stories about life and all it's intricacies. Stories are important as they help people imagine a world they can make better and they also teach several important life lessons. After the last book was received so positively, Shobha decided to pen more stories to reach out to children again. The stories are a delight and we can't wait for everyone to connect with the world that she creates in her stories.

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