Create Book for Me

Bring your ideas to us. Provide us with the outlines and we will create a book for you. You can send dictation, audios/videos or just bullet points and we will turn it into the book for you.


Experience editors and meticulous proofreaders make great books. Remember content comes first and then comes publishing and marketing. Our editors and proofreaders will make your ‘not so great’ draft into a piece of art that your readers would love.

Design My Book

Your book cover is your chance to create the first impression. A great cover ensures 2nd look from the readers. It buys time for you to convince the reader to dig into the content of your book. We at Outliers Publishng feel that designing a book cover is more science than art.

Publish My Book

If you are writing your book or are about to finish your book, we will publish your book across the globe and in all the formats; paperback, Ebook and Audio book. You book deserves the Universe as its audience. Take the first step towards it and we will do the rest for your.

Marketing and Promotion

While the target market had become far more accessible for everyone, the noise and distractions for them are at their peak too. You need an expert to hand this flawlessly for you. Congratulations!! you have come to the right place. Our team of experts are waiting for your nod to start promoting your book on all the platforms available to reach your potential readers. Leave the heavy lifting to us.


Not sure what you need?

Just send us some details about where you stand in the process of creating your book and we will guide you towards your goal.