Books are just a medium to share your stories, thoughts, fantasies, and dreams. Having so much to share does not necessarily mean one will be able to convert them into words. Not every great story has an equally great storyteller. But, this should not stop you from sharing your creation with people who prefer reading and learning through books. This should not stop you from creating your dream book!

Outliers Publishing gives you the freedom to choose your medium of expression, medium that is most convenient to you and we will translate it into a book for you.  Our highly skilled content writers will work closely with you and help you convert your idea into a book that would be your own. Outliers Publishing is proud to announce this one of its kind service that will bring a revolution amongst aspiring authors. You can choose to send your book ideas, stories, and thoughts over audio or video files, or simply send us the raw file you have been working on and our writers will work closely with you to ink down your book. Outliers is committed to being your partner in every step of the process, all we need is your willingness to take the leap of faith.


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NOTHING should stop you from writing your book, not even yourself. Let us add wings to your writing career.