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Outliers Publishing is an international publishing house started in March 2017 as a provider of high-quality publishing services to authors across the world. Outliers Publishing is a full-service, new-age publishing house that offers you the best of both the words; self-publishing and traditional publishing. It is a one-stop solution for all that the author might need to create, publish, market and distribute the books.

Outliers Publishing is a technology start-up & one of the fastest growing book publishing companies in the world. It aims to make book publishing accessible to every author, aspiring or established, across the globe. Outliers’ primary objective is to provide a platform for authors to be able to focus on producing their books with premium content, and this is going to change the way people look at the publishing world.

Today Outliers Publishing is an established brand, publishing and distributing books across 32 countries covering 6 continents in all the 5 formats; hardcover, paperback, ebook, CDs and audiobooks. Gone are the days when just a few publishers ruled the industry, with Outliers Publishing every author gets the opportunity and support to create and publish their book. Outliers Publishing constantly strives to provide authors with the most up to date marketing strategies depending on the trend as well as the genre.

Our efficient team of editors with their specialization across genres helps us stay on top of the game while publishing different genres at the same time. Dedicated genre specific editors and proofreaders ensure that your book has the best content to attract readers across the globe. Outliers has published multiple international bestsellers, don’t lose your chance to be one.

100% copyrights of the book with the author, most or all the royalty remains with the author, hassle-free publishing, customized publishing packages, pre and post-launch marketing support, all that you can ever think of to make your dream of being a published author come true, is at your fingertips.

Becoming a published author is going to change your life and we want it to be a pleasurable and memorable experience. We are looking forward to seeing you making it big in your writing career. See you on the other side


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