So It’s Simple!

By T. C. Aeelah

I will tell you Ivo’s story. He is a special child, just like you. One day something unexpected happens to Ivo, which will change his life and lead him to discover a fantastic world that he had no idea about. He wants you to also know this world because knowing it makes everything simple, after all! Come and meet Ivo and his world that can also be yours. This book belongs to you. Bring it to life with your own colours. A book that illustrates essential values such as Love, Gratitude, Acceptance, Trust, Determination . . . and so much more.

About T. C. Aeelah

T. C. Aeelah (her name is Tania Castilho), was born in Zimbabwe in 1972 and currently lives in Tomar, a beautiful Templar town in central Portugal. She is a Mother, Author, Award-winning Inspirational Speaker and Mentor working with Conscious Breath for the merging of Human and Divine, ex-Personal Trainer, ex-English Teacher, ex-Creative and Communication Director and a fully realized Human joyfully celebrating her Divinity in each breath of life, inspiring passion always, all ways.

She playfully calls herself a Changeologist which she describes as being “a conscious explorer of the Science of Change”.

One Eye on Utopia

By Megan Jennaway

As a child, Cam Kirby sees his father commit a terrible crime. This sets off a chain of disasters that impact the family for many decades. Reeling from it all, Cam resolves to spend his own life pursuing the utopia that his father failed to realise. But first he has to survive his mother’s death, the coming of his sadistic maternal grandmother and some terrible football injuries. An opportunity to study at Julian Ashton’s prestigious Academy of Art in downtown Sydney seems like a way out, until WWI and his painfully unrequited love for Evelyn Pope intervene. Working as a First Ambulance Field Officer on the Western Front turns Cam into a lifelong Pacifist. With his new bride, Evelyn, he returns to London to make his mark as a painter and campaign for peace alongside luminaries such as George Bernard Shaw an d Jessica Mitford. Always a utopian socialist, he joins the CPA when WWII breaks out due to its Pacifist stance. This sets off a new chain of disasters, including a stint in Long Bay Gaol, Evelyn’s suicide and Cam’s expulsion from the very party he has served for almost two decades. Defeated on all fronts, Cam retreats to Pittwater. Here he finds a way to atone for his father’s crime. When utopia finally comes to him, at the end of his long life, it takes a very unexpected form.


About Megan Jennaway

Megan Jennaway is a writer and anthropologist who has received acclaim for her short stories. She has travelled widely throughout Asia and Europe. Much of her writing is based upon the places she has visited and the societies in which she has worked, notably Bali, Timor Leste and India. In 2002, her ethnography of the lives of Balinese peasant women, ‘Sisters and Lovers: Women and Desire in Bali’, was published by Rowman & Littlefield. Two of her latest short stories were published in the 2018 anthology of travellers’ tales, ‘Crazy Shit in Asia’, published by New Holland. She lives in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia.

The Key of Dawn

By Aanvi Trivedi

In a world where light and darkness are not just a metaphor- they are reality. When a shadowy figure approaches her at school and her mother disappears later that afternoon, Alya Gupta knows something sinister is afoot. And to top it all off, a mysterious boy shows up at her doorstep, claiming he is from the Guardians of Day. In a whirlwind of hurtful betrayals, close calls, and stunning realizations, Alya and her friends must learn their true power- or the world will pay.

About Aanvi Trivedi

Aanvi Trivedi is a 13-year-old aspiring writer who lives with her family in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book or has her hands stuck on a new piece of writing, Aanvi enjoys singing, playing the piano, participating in her school speech and debate team or hanging out with her friends and family!

Being a middle schooler herself, Aanvi incorporated many of her own experiences and feelings into her book and her characters. Her writing experience started early on at the age of 6 when her first-grade teacher pulled her into the world of literature. In their class, she was inspired to write at least one short story a week, and for the first time, she felt the joy in creating stories. As the years went on, she continued to write more and more and greatly looked forward to the writing prompts that were assigned in class.


BREATHE – 5 Meditations for Happiness and Stress relief

By Matt O’Grady

BREATHE is a powerful tool that will help you explore and deepen your practice of the ancient tradition of meditation and help you overcome the state of anxiety, worry and overthinking by releasing the addiction to stress. 

The techniques of simple and effective Meditations are explained in such a way that you would not only be able to practice them but also understand their meaning and importance. Learn about the techniques and purpose of different types of meditation to discover which ones are best for your life.


About Matt O’Grady

Matt O’Grady is a Business, Fulfilment & Success Coach, Speaker, Podcast host and an Author. He guides people around the world to attain new levels of connection, serenity, happiness, and success while also managing the stresses and challenges of modern, daily life. He knows from his own life experiences that keeping it simple can be a difficult, yet tremendously rewarding task.

For over 20 years, Matt O’Grady has dedicated his life to guiding and helping others to live a more fulfilling and connected life. He is a leader and teacher who uses his own life experiences to teach and motivate daily. He is now sharing his expertise and knowledge through his books “Living Gratitude- A Simple Path to Happinessand “BREATHE- 5 Meditations for Happiness and Stress relief


The Rich Bitch – 7 Steps to Financial Independence Now

By Caroli Remmlinger

The Rich Bitch is not your average self-help or financial advice book. This is a guidebook to lead you to the life you crave, and have always dreamed of. Where do you want to live? What amazing things do you want to do in your spare time? What income do you really want (not the income you would just settle for)?… In a step by step process, Caroli Remmlinger will lead you through ideas, thoughts, and techniques on how to become the Rich Bitch you deserve to be.

About Caroli Remmlinger

Caroli Remmlinger is an international speaker, business and success coach, and money mindset expert. Through years of learning, discovery, wins and losses, Caroli has created her ultimate dream life for herself. Her passion is leading her clients step by step through processes that will not only bring them to financial independence but change their lives on a whole.


Me to Mommee

By Aarti Bhatia

“A very well-written book! I can totally imagine all mothers nodding along as they read.”

~ Prerna Wahi, Author and a Mother

“The dilemma, the contrasting emotions and ultimately the love that encompasses all us mothers, has been penned down beautifully.”

~ Namrata Sadhvani, Editor at Momspresso and a Mother

About Aarti Bhatia

Aarti Bhatia is an MBA by degree, an artist by hobby, an orator by passion, and a writer by destiny. It was during one low night of postpartum blues that she started to write her feelings down. When she did so, she stumbled across layers & layers of unexplored feelings of love! She decided then & there, that motherhood stood for more than the few lows that she was dwelling in relentlessly. This book is her attempt to bind these emotions together in the form of a memoir for everyone to cherish. It is nothing short of your own motherly feelings.

LIFE SIMPLY MOVES ON – A Dawn Awaits Every Dusk

By Niedhie

“Nandita, just always remember that it is easier to reach the top, however it is more difficult
to stay on the top. And I want to see you stay there.”These words were etched into Nandita’s mind the second they left her headmaster’s lips. With her mindset on success from the very first day, Nandita hardly let adversities hold her back. From her childhood till adulthood, Nandita faced a variety of obstacles, all posing a different challenge to overcome. With every bruise that coloured her heart Nandita’s stubbornness for success only grew. Every unforeseen circumstance she landed in never made her falter. She never let herself. After all, life simply moves on, right?

About Niedhie

Niedhie is the pen name of Nidhi Agarwal, the Indian born British author, philanthropist and Mathematician who is settled in London working as a Director in a leading international bank. Nidhi change should be the only constant in life. Nidhi believes in the motto that life will keep moving on no matter what the circumstances are and therefore lives each day to its fullest.


40 Days & 40 Nights – “Within” The Shed In The Woods

By Tracy Pringle

Tracy’s book is an inspiring tale of spirituality and finding oneself. It’s about determination, hard work and perseverance and reflects on an extremely important part of one’s life where you drop everything and just go back to your roots. The book is a true depiction of what was one of the toughest yet most beautiful times in her life, something she will cherish forever.

About Tracy Pringle

Looking for peace, Tracy decided to take 40 days of silence at the Garden Station Langley as she connected with nature, alone with only her thoughts, day after day and night after night in silence. During this time, she saw within her own shadow and felt emotions like no other time in her life; finally understanding the meaning of inner peace, self-love, and the love of Grace that resides in the heart.

Living Gratitude – A simple path to happiness

By Matt O’Grady

Millions of people around the world are looking for solutions to their problems, struggling to find happiness, success and peace of mind. This story details how simple the solution really is. Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness, provides an incredibly powerful tool to live well and to bring joy and harmony to every aspect of your life. Matt O’Grady shares his story of spiritual seeking and the unique Gratitude Practice he discovered, which not only saved his life but also led him to true happiness, peace, joy and success. This comprehensive guide offers a framework for practising the power of gratitude, enabling you to attract every magnificent thing you want in your life.

About Matt O’Grady

Matt is the Author of Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness and the Law of Attraction Workbook. He also co-hosted the Matt and Phil LOA Show for 4 years and now hosts his own podcast. He is President of where he teaches his clients how to be happier, more successful and, grateful.


A Working Mother’s Guide to A Guilt-Free Career

By Maggie Webber

Working mothers often feel a double dose of guilt – not only about being a poor parent but also being a poor employee as well!!

Guilt is one of the most toxic and damaging emotion we can experience, often impairing our performance, making it difficult to focus on tasks and affecting our sleep.

This book offers us some tried and refreshing strategies to cut guilt out of our lives, handle pressure and reduce stress, help overcome ‘the struggle with the juggle’ and become the most fulfilled parent and career woman we possibly can.


Traveller’s Tales – Book of Short Adventures

By Matt Towner

Matt Towner has taken Australian Opals all over the world then Australian Wines then Australian Real Estate. Now mate is not only writing about all of his incredible adventures travelling the globe offering these opportunities, but he is also now taking Australian Authors all over the world. “Traveller’s Tales” offers you the opportunity to publish some of your own travel stories and adventures as Matt prepares to publish a series of books of short stories just like this one. Whether you cheated death and are lucky to be alive or you smuggled stones from South East Asia or you were arrested in America or any other adventures Matt may have done … You too can have your short stories published and Matt can help you to do so. This book gives you a great idea of what is possible not only then in the days before the internet but also now in the days of online publishing. “Gem-Dealing Gypsy” is a book of short stories, all of which are memoirs of a life lived travelling the world.

It was a very different world before the internet, and jewellers all over the world needed Gem-Dealing Gypsies like Matt Towner to bring them opals and pearls, sapphires and rubies. Nearly every country in the world has a stone which no other country has, so this was Matt’s international passport to stoner’s heaven. The people that he met and the situations that he got himself in and out of will blow your mind. “Positive Investments” is what Matt does now, as he calls himself a Modern Gypsy. Gone are the days of smuggling 60 kilos of stones from Asia and secret compartments in buses across Europe and America. In this day and age jewellers from all over the world can just Google and find opals and pearls, sapphires and rubies straight from the source. But in the same way there are great opportunities today for you to live life on the road and make money but, most importantly, live life, just like Matt used to do and Matt still does. Whether you choose to travel or just sit still, you can make money from a laptop and a mobile phone in this day and age and live life and have the freedom of a Modern Gypsy.


Made Beautiful By Scars

Transformation Stories Collection

By Veronica Farmer

In Book One of the Made Beautiful by SCARS – Transformation series, Veronica Farmer, author and therapist with her own fascinating scar story, seeks out inspiring people to share their tales – from Mo Gawdat CBO of Google X and his Happiness mission touching millions, to Eco-warrior and rhino protector Damien Mander, to world record Paralympians, to musicians, scientists and humanitarians from around the world along with everyday heroes. These stories share how humans have taken their life scars and become an inspiration, leaving a legacy of improving the lives of others and impacting the planet.

This book has inspired a Made Beautiful by.. Movement where you can read short excerpts of the latest tales online and pre-order new books as they come available.

Made Beautiful by Nature is her next focus (out mid-2018) with important stories by Nature Guardians such as Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson and Shark man Mike Bhana. $2 of each Ebook sale will go to Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson’s vital land acquisition project to protect wilderness areas currently threatening all wildlife in Africa.


Banking Beyond Men

A new form of abuse where the perpetrators are protected by Banking Systems

By Melissa Cuturich

Banking Beyond Men will open your mind to the unjust actions of Bankers, the ones we do not suspect and the people we trust with our financial futures and that of our families.

We take you through the history and culture of Banking as you discover that not much has changed and that we do not really understand the documents we are actually signing. The stories are based on true events and only names have been changed, however, all have had a successful outcome even after they were made Bankrupt and lost everything. It’s these matters that have lead to the formation of programs and workshops to educate woman how to take responsibility and control of their financial future while remaining supportive and nurturing to their families.

We explain the unknown about the banking culture as we prepare you for the undisclosed events that may occur in any economic climate.

Life can be overwhelming no matter what part of the Globe you call home, it is even harder when you sign documents without understanding the language used to manipulate you into a debt that you may not be able to handle. Many times woman sign documents to support their partners out of a sense of duty or obligation. You hold the key to actually surviving when the Banks decides to call up their loan, which they can at any time without notice to you.

Banking Beyond Men provides you with an easy to understand explanation of the many Policies and Procedures that Banks disguise in their documentation and a banker never truly explains.

This Book is an introduction to a system that was created centuries ago and has remained the same, only modernized for today’s society. Now we will follow through with a series of books to provide viable solutions for everyone to avoid an Abuse that is never spoken about.


A Jar With 14 Candies

By Shobha Rao

Shobha has penned some wonderful stories here that delicately present our striking world to children and presents the virtues that make us human. These virtues and ethics stay with the kids and help them grow into beautiful, flowering individuals. The book also has some wonderful illustrations that capture some great moments from these stories and make them even more picturesque and relatable.

About Shobha Rao

Shobha Rao, from Raipur, Chattisgarh, has been a teacher and amazing storyteller for the last 30 years. She finally decided to put her story in ink for kids all around the world. Consisting of 14 stories, the book aims to delicately present the enormous, striking world to children, through stories of love, misfortune, companionship, and ethics. It strikes a harmony between being values and being significant to our current day-to-day lives. The book provides some wonderful, eye-catching details that will stick in the minds of the young readers for a very long time. It is quite different from the others and features characters that are quite unique, pets, and more.

Awaken & Grow:

A Practical Guide For Your Spiritual Journey

By Christine Agro

Available at Ingram for Wholesale Distribution

Awaken & Grow: A Practical Guide For Your Spiritual Journey gives you the inside track on not only the process of our Spiritual Journey but also takes you a step further and shares what to do once you’ve had your awakening. From insight and guidance to tools and tips, Awaken & Grow is a crash course in our reason for being.  It turns your AHA moment into an AHA life! Christine Agro shares her almost 20 years of receiving insight and wisdom about why we are here, what we are working, how we are working on it and how to step deeper and deeper into a state of conscious living.


A Working Mother’s Guide to Self-care Kindle Edition

By Maggie Webber

Working mother’s of all people need self-care. The book is the best guide out there to help working mother’s to indulge in self-care activities. Self-care has started to become much more common-place today – and for a good reason. Being a working mother comes with a constant struggle to strike a balance between our many and seemingly never-ending list of responsibilities. This guide is useful in helping you take time out for self-care.


A Working Mother’s Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Kindle Edition

By Maggie Webber

The 2007 – 2008 Global Financial Crisis brought forth the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression of 1929. The world’s banking systems came crashing down, and unemployment soared, while many world governments sought to infuse the economy with a variety of stimulus packages, in order to turn things around.

However, out of this world-changing event, came two things that would revolutionize the world’s economy in a more far-reaching manner than any stimulus package.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency were both new concepts introduced after the world’s economy crashed in 2008, and while they were mocked by many at the start of the downturn, they are being seen as literal game-changers that could completely upend the established financial order in the world today.

Explore more about what Cryptocurrency is and how it works in this book.


King’s Gambit

By Savio D’Cruz

When Tursunov’s friend Jack’s father dies in a locked room, Shivilier Darrow is intrigued as he delves into the puzzle-like murder he is surprised by how many twists and turns it gives him. There is a higher layer of mystery to it. Shivilier discovers it too late what with him having his hands full with lying suspects and a runaway ghost. Shivilier and his associates will be stretched to the limit while solving this murder and they just hope they don’t have more murders to solve as they run against time trying to complete this case.

Give it a try… It’s worth it…

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