Most indie writers hardly think about marketing their prized manuscripts when they’re finally ready, forgetting the importance of it. It is naïve to neglect it as readers can’t and will not buy a novel they have never heard of. The key though is building a marketing base before your book is even published. Having people ready and waiting to have their hands on your piece is what makes it work.

Marketing and promotion of a book is an ongoing activity. Consider it as a marathon, a continuous process and not as a sprint that you can get done with quickly. A book once published has the potential of being sold through decades. It is not wrong to say that marketing and promoting the book is as important as writing and publishing it. But with our marketing and promotion team, we can help your book reach its readers. If your content is great, we guarantee the audience.

The marketing plan and platforms have drastically changed over the last decade. Digital marketing had become a necessary component of a marketing plan. While the target market had become far more accessible for everyone, the noise and distractions for them are at their peak too. Our brilliant team will make sure to use this to our advantage.

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