Life simply moves on

LIFE SIMPLY MOVES ON – A Dawn Awaits Every Dusk

By Niedhie

“Nandita, just always remember that it is easier to reach the top, however it is more difficult
to stay on the top. And I want to see you stay there.”These words were etched into Nandita’s mind the second they left her headmaster’s lips. With her mind set on success from the very first day, Nandita hardly let adversities hold her back. From her childhood till adulthood, Nandita faced a variety of obstacles, all posing a different challenge to overcome. With every bruise that coloured her heart Nandita’s stubbornness for success only grew. Every unforeseen circumstance she landed in never made her falter. She never let herself. After all, life simply moves on, right?

About Niedhie

Niedhie is the pen name of Nidhi Agarwal, the Indian born British author, philanthropist and Mathematician who is settled in London working as a Director in a leading international bank. Nidhi change should be the only constant in life. Nidhi believes in the motto that life will keep moving on no matter what the circumstances are and therefore lives each day to its fullest.