In this era of Instant noodles, Instant coffee, Instagram… why not Instant Publishing. Outliers Publishing is glad to roll out it’s newest service – Instant Publishing which will change the way you look at publishing forever.

Publishing has been looked upon as a daunting task, and rightly so since authors have spent years(some even decades) to get an opportunity to get their work published. NOT anymore.

Introducing Instant Publishing for the first time ever, publishing would be just a click away for the authors embarked upon their writing journey.

A faster, affordable and absolutely accessible solution is here for everyone, who cannot wait to be a published! All you need to do is submit your manuscript and within days you will have published your books in paperback and e-book format. YES.. you heard it right, in 2 formats. No need to worry about things like proofreading, formatting, designing. We’re cutting down all the months of waiting for your book into days.

Instant Publishing

Self-publishing changed the publishing industry forever 10 years back. What next? Here we are to change it yet again.

You can now have the paperback copy of your book in your hands within days. IMAGINE THAT!

Outliers Publishing brings to you ‘Right Out of the Fantasy’ solution to get published in days, not only have your ebook but also physical copies of your book at your doorstep.

No worry about proofreading, designing, formatting, publishing, ISBN anymore and have your book selling across different platforms. How cool is that?

It’s quicker, easier, affordable and more accessible! You can achieve your dreams a lot faster now.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to Flaunt Your Book?

Get your book published across the globe. Your book deserves the Universe as its audience. Take the first step towards it and we will do the rest for yours.